Thursday, 24 March 2011

Single Farm Payments delayed

Farmers are facing crisis

Please help us to keep helping!

For many farming people a delay to their 2010 Single Farm Payment (SFP) has been the straw that has finally broken the camel’s back. Hundreds of farming families and businesses, already struggling financially and emotionally, have been tipped into crisis by the delayed arrival of such a critical part of their income. Debt escalates irretrievably, relationships and health are put under intolerable pressure and the ability to care for livestock and business can be seriously threatened.

Our caseload has doubled. Now we need your help.

Farm Crisis Network exists solely to help farming families. Since the foot and mouth disaster of 2001 we have helped many thousands of people deal with all kinds of farm business and domestic crises. The current SFP problems are simply the latest in a long line of issues but are proving very demanding. We can’t always fix things but we can offer practical and pastoral support and care for family and business as well as working with the Rural Payments Agency and other organisations to try to help facilitate a solution for the most pressing cases. Financial need is a true crisis and one which poisons every other part of farming life and impacts on other rural businesses too.

There are thousands of farming families who could give quiet testimony to what FCN has done to help them but now FCN itself is struggling under the pressure of recent events. Our caseload has more than doubled in the last few months as we have tried to help more than 250 families out of urgent financial crisis. Many of these cases are being successfully resolved – but not all. We can’t work miracles. But this massive increase in caseload needs funding. We are a small organisation and without your help now we will not be able to continue to bear the cost of the support that we quietly give to so many.

We need donations large or small.

Please can you help as we support farmers through this difficult payment period?

We don’t need millions! Every pound helps to keep our 300 volunteers on the road and our helpline staffed. Just £5 pays for two critical telephone calls; £60 will fill a volunteer’s car with petrol to enable them to travel to farmers who are in difficulty; £300 covers the full cost of an average case; £1000 keeps the whole of FCN going for a day.

Please give what you can to help us to keep helping.

How to donate
Cheques can be made out to Farm Crisis Network and sent to FCN, Manor Farm, West Haddon, Northampton NN6 7AQ. Ask for a gift aid declaration which enables us to claim back 28p for every pound you give from the tax man!

You can donate online at:

Regular, ongoing support is the most valuable to us as it enables us to budget with confidence. If you are able to commit to regular giving, however small, by standing order please contact our head office for more information.

Corporate sponsorship is also greatly appreciated and there is a range of ways in which businesses can help. Please contact us if you would like to contribute in this way.

Thank you.

Sarah Broiwn

Sarah Brown
Executive Director

Farm Crisis Network
Manor Farm, West Haddon, Northampton NN6 7AQ
Tel: 01788 510866
Fax: 01788 511026
Twitter @FCNinfo

Charity no: 1095919

To make a donation in support of FCN's work please go to

FCN Helpline: 0845 367 9990 (7am - 11pm every day)

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