Monday, 15 November 2010

ORCC Trading Limited oil buying scheme
(from the ORCC news bulletin)

ORCC is delighted to announce the launch of a new venture that we hope will be good for you, good for the environment, good for the new ‘TOE’, and good for ORCC.

We have set up a new trading arm (ORCC Trading Ltd) which will be using the model of a local buying syndicate for domestic heating oil and rolling it out across the county. We believe there will be great strength in harnessing the purchasing power of the many rural communities who are without mains gas so that together, oil-buyers will be able to make significant savings.  Experience has already shown that it’s possible to get a discount of up to £80 on a single
order. And since the scheme is only in its infancy, we see no reason why we can’t improve on that. There are other benefits too – reduced carbon footprint (yes, really), a move towards renewable energy sources and a contribution to funds to support both ORCC and local community environmental projects. (See the attached leaflet for scheme members).

As a publicly funded charity, we know that there will be difficult times ahead and we want to safeguard our future and our ability to advise and support rural communities across Oxfordshire. Our aim is that not only will we help households to save money – especially important in Oxfordshire’s rural areas where we know there is far greater ‘fuel poverty’ than in our urban areas - but we will also be able to generate some income for ORCC. And you can be entirely confident that this is not a scam – it’s simply about bulk-buying.

Yes. We don’t know exactly how many but there are some communities who have been doing this locally for some while. We have no wish to take any schemes over – but if that local  purchasing power can be scaled up to something much bigger, then everyone will benefit. And for communities who don’t yet have a local scheme, this provides an easy way for you to get one, with very little work.

We are an organisation that is rooted in local community action, and we want to run the scheme in a way that reflects this philosophy. So we are looking for local people to play a part in getting things off the ground and helping it to grow.

A leaflet containing Information for local  co-ordinators is available(for a copy email  The key to making this work will be having local people who will collate local members’ monthly oil orders and pass them on to us, and who will then let the local members know the cost per litre and the delivery date. That’s pretty much it. No negotiating oil prices, no handling money. For doing this, you will get FREE membership of the scheme – an annual saving of £20. See the ‘Information for Local Co-ordinators’ leaflet for more details. 

If you think this could be of interest to you or your community, get in touch with us. 

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