Thursday, 15 July 2010


The Commission for Rural Communities published the  2010 State of the Countryside Report,  on July 6th. Last produced in 2008 the report provides a comprehensive description based on carefully researched, and detailed analysis of the social, economic and environmental changes and issues facing rural Britain.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the report is the analysis of the way rural communities have fared in the economic downturn.  The report suggests that the most sparsely populated rural areas have weathered the downturn by turning to an extensive range of entrepreneurial activity.

19.1% of the population of the UK live in rural communities which are changing and developing continuously. Those of us living and working in rural communities will find this recent analysis of its state invaluable.

At the end of June the Secretary for State for DEFRA announced that the CRC will be abolished as part of the budget cuts for Defra.  A strengthened policy unit within Defra will take over some of the policy work. It is to be hoped that the State of the Countryside Report will be one of the pieces of work which  will continue to be produced.

____posted July 15th 2010 ____
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