Thursday, 15 July 2010


The Woodland Trust has launched ‘More Trees, More Good’, a new campaign that aims to double the number of native woods and trees in the UK. Research gathered over recent years has highlighted the countless essential benefits to people, wildlife and the environment that come from planting trees. To maximise these, the UK needs to plant 20 million native trees per year – but at the moment we’re planting just 6 million.

The goal is vital but ambitious, and so requires a vast tree-planting movement. From farmers and communities to schools and companies, we need to rally those who can plant trees with our help and inspire those who can contribute financially. An impressive range of organisations has already risen to the challenge including Sainsbury’s, the National Association of Local Councils, the Ministry of Defence and the Women’s Institute. The coalition government has also committed to a national tree planting campaign.

As part of ‘More Trees, More Good’, we are offering free trees to community groups – The offer: each autumn and spring there will be FREE community tree packs to give away. Packs are available in two sizes: 105 trees (suitable as a hedge or copse) and 420 trees (approx one acre) and there are four themes to choose from:
  • Year-round colour – beautiful views in every season. Includes Field maple, hawthorn, hazel, birch, rowan, cherry and dogwood.
  • Wood fuel – keep the log fires burning. Includes Ash, birch, cherry, oak and rowan – species which burn well and help attract wildlife to your local area.
  • Jams, jellies, chutneys and cordials – treats to eat. Includes Hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, elder and dog rose.
  • Wildlife – provide new homes for our native wildlife. Includes Hawthorn, hazel, birch, rowan, oak and blackthorn – rich mix of native species that will create vital new habitats for wildilfe.
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posted July 15th 2010
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