Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Worship resources to celebrate Plough Sunday can be found on the Arthur Rank Centre website 

 Plough Sunday is traditional celebrated as the 
start of the farming year.  In Victorian times it was observed in the first Sunday after the Epiphany and as those working on the land were preparing to return to work on  the later tradition of Plough Monday following the Christmas season.

In medieval times some 
ploughs were kept in the parish church, and some churches 
kept a ‘plough-light’. In days when work was scarce in winter,

the observance looked forward to the time of sowing with 
the promise of a harvest to come.

If we eat we are concerned with the work of farming, said someone once.  And so we pray 
in thanksgiving for all who work the land and bring forth its produce for our health and well being. With the recent extreme weather conditions affecting farming in this country we pray particularly  for those affected,  for the land still sodden with water and for the animals who are at risk of  health issues caused by the wet.

"God speed the plough"

Plough Sunday service in a Barn at Portway Farm Bucks.

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