Tuesday, 7 August 2012


A Network of English LEADER Local Action Groups and ACRE is proposing to hold an English rural parliament . The idea of a Rural Parliament for England is based on other successful models from around Europe. It is a citizen led national gathering to promote a deeper understanding of what it means to live and work in rural areas. It is based on the historical use of the word Parliament which implies coming together to talk, debate and decide, rather than a body that sits all year round. 

The first English Rural Parliament is currently being planned for March 2013 and is aimed at encouraging solutions to be shared and inspiring action to be taken. The event will reflect rural reality. 

It will celebrate rural successes and encourage participants to define three levels of action:
• Actions you can take back to your own rural community
• Actions you can give to your local authority at home
• Actions to be given to the highest national policy representative present.

The steering group would like to hear your views on this and have put together a  survey for the purpose .


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