Friday, 24 August 2012


An exciting bat conservation project is going on Warwickshire.
Warks CC are coordinating a 2 year SITA trust funded study into rare barbastelle bats, which are breeding in a woodland in south Warwickshire.
The project aims to find out more about the barbastelle bat's ecology; to improve connectivity and habitat quality in the local area for barbastelle bats; and to increase local and national awareness of barbastelle bats and their conservation.
 The study involves trapping and tagging bats and radiotracking them to discover key feeding areas and new roost sites. Volunteers  are needed to help with the project work, preferably with a bat licence - but willing volunteers interested in bats welcome.
The next dates for trapping and tagging bats are 30th August, 1st and 3rd September, followed by at least two weeks of radiotracking most evenings. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Lois Browne, Project Officer at
For more information see and follow links to Warwickshire Barbastelle Project or

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