Friday, 2 March 2012

Oxfordshire Rural Community Council is seeking a new Chair to take over from the present incumbent, who reaches the end of his permitted term of office at the next AGM in October 2012. Set up in 1920, ORCC is the oldest of the 38 Rural Community Councils in the country. Its mission is to achieve socially, economically and environmentally sustainable communities across the county; everything it does is rooted in developing communities and enabling them to identify and achieve their aspirations. It is a progressive organisation, with a committed and effective Board of Directors, who together ensure that ORCC has a clear and well-founded strategic direction. The Board works collaboratively with the staff team and shares their enthusiasm for working with communities. Its members have a range of backgrounds including private business, charity consultancy and public service. Most Board members are also active in their own communities so their understanding of the importance of community empowerment and locally-based action is rooted in direct experience.

 ORCC’s strength and reputation is founded on our independence as a charity without association with particular sectional interests or party politics.  We regard this as being of central importance and will expect our new Chair to reflect this in their approach.

We are looking for a Chair who will make a significant contribution to the motivation and inspiration behind our organisation. We want someone who will work with the Board to lead us through a period of substantial political and financial change in a way that retains and builds on the team ethos that so characterises ORCC. The new Chair will have the vision and ability to identify new opportunities, raise our profile amongst key players (including both public and private sector) and build new relationships. 

We are proud of what we do and aspire to high standards in every aspect of our work. We have reached, and adhere to, the top level of our national network’s Quality Standards and the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard. That means we routinely invest time and trouble to continuously improve the way the Board functions, the way we treat our staff, and the way we manage our finances. We want the new Chair to share that commitment to quality.

 The role of the Chair
  •   To lead the overall governance and policy direction of ORCC  
  • To ensure that the Board works effectively across all its functions and that the Board’s decisions are implemented
  •       To take a leading role in representing and promoting the work of ORCC to other organisations, including potential partners and funding bodies, local government, the general public and its own members as appropriate 
  • ·        To support the Chief Executive, liaising with her on a regular basis to keep an overview of ORCC’s affairs; and on behalf of the Board, to act as her line manager, including ensuring that an annual appraisal is conducted 
  • ·        To ensure continuity in the role of CEO in the eventuality of this being necessary
  • ·        To chair meetings of the Board and such other committees as may be required from time to time; to liaise with the CEO on agendas and preparations for such meetings
  • ·        To participate in the annual joint Away Day (for staff and Board) which is a primary part of the process of developing the ORCC Strategic Plan; and as appropriate in other events and conferences organised by ORCC.
  • ·        To play an active role in the overall financial management of the organisation, and ensure that opportunities for income generation are explored and pursued, in particular from sources outside the statutory sector
  • ·        To represent ORCC at the annual Policy Conference and AGM of our national parent body, ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) 
Person specification
 In addition to the qualities needed by all Board members, the Chair of ORCC should possess the following qualities:-
  • Proven success of effective leadership of a similar sized organisation (or larger)
  • An understanding of, and commitment to, the community development approach that underpins all ORCC’s work
  • An understanding of the current political and financial climate that statutory and voluntary sectors are operating in now and in the medium to long term
  • Strong negotiation and influencing skills to be able to promote and position ORCC in the Oxfordshire context and to establish and sustain positive relationships with  those organisations and individuals identified as crucial in the year/s ahead
  • Sound understanding of financial management
  • Sound understanding of strategic planning and an ability to play a lead role in the organisation’s strategic planning process
  • An ability to work collaboratively with other organisations
The Chair will also demonstrate
 Tact and diplomacy,
Good intedrpersonal skills and copmmunication skills
Impartiality, fairness, and the ability to respect confdidentiality

CV to be submitted by Monday 16th April  Interviews Friday 27th April.


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