Monday, 13 February 2012


The Introduction to Community Action course is for anyone who would like to be more confident about speaking up and taking action in their community. This might be your local neighbourhood, or a community of people who have something in common. The course is aimed at people who have not done any previous training in community action. This course takes place across seven sessions and leads to a level 1 Open College Network qualification.

The course is for people who would like to get involved in community action for the first time, or who have recently become involved in a local project.
- Got an idea which would improve your community?
- Want to get involved in a group?
- Want to have your say about local decisions?
- Recently decided to get involved?

The course is free although we do ask that you give us a £10 deposit which we will refund to you at the end of the course so long as you have attended the course in full. We’ll pay your travel expenses to get to the course venue and any child or other care costs while you are there. As well as building your confidence to speak up and turn ideas into action, the course also leads to a Level 1 Open College Network qualification in ‘Community Development Work Skills’. To gain the accreditation, you will need to complete a workbook during the course – help will be available to complete it.

There will be a taster session in Oxford on Monday 30th April from 12-2.30pm including lunch.  You can come along, find out a bit more about the training and decide whether you want to commit to the training in full.

If you live in Oxford, Banbury or Bicester contact Catrina Pickering email or telephone 01865 251946 or 07540 703366. For the rest of Oxfordshire contact Beth Weston email or telephone 01865 883488.

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