Friday, 10 February 2012


Community Oil Buying Scheme Takes Off!
Average saving on 1000 litres in January = £45.50

The community oil buying scheme launched by Community Impact Bucks at the start of January is going from strength to strength. Already there are co-ordinators in 6 communities and members from across the county.

One of the questions most commonly asked is ‘How much is the oil?’ There is no single answer to this as regular buyers will know as the price varies from day to day. What we can say is that buying in bulk is the best way to get a good price. On 27 January the price paid by members was 56.45p per litre, which compares to the highest price we were quoted of 67p per litre and an average price of 61p per litre. A saving of £45.50 for members of the scheme on a 1000 litre order!

So if you buy oil and don’t already get the benefit of buying in bulk, why not consider becoming a member. And if your community hasn’t yet got a co-ordinator, why not volunteer? The time commitment is small, the benefits are large – and don’t forget co-ordinators can join the scheme for free.

There’s plenty of information on our website.
Or send us an email or phone Samantha or Leona on 0845 389 0389 and we can tell you all about the scheme.

Community Impact Bucks
Registered Office Address
Unit B, The Firs
HP22 5DX

0845 3890389

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