Saturday, 12 February 2011

Interest increases each day for Oil Buying Scheme

The huge level of interest in ORCC Trading’s new oil buying scheme has certainly kept ORCC on their toes over the last few weeks and it’s great to see how many communities have already responded positively and got co-ordinators in place. The numbers of both co-ordinators and members are going up every day and the scheme is set to be a huge success.

ORCC reported on the very first members’ experiences before Christmas. Since then, as all oil-buyers know, the snow, Christmas and desperate oil shortages all came together – along with a predictable hike in the price per litre. Thankfully, things have eased during January but there’s a strong lesson for next year – don’t leave your winter oil purchases too late, or you could find yourself paying a hugely increased price.

The scheme members who bought at the end of January got a really good deal, paying 50p per litre, compared to an average price on the day of 56p per litre and a maximum that day of 62p per litre.

Lots of people have asked ORCC about how much a tank of oil will cost them and they have to point out that the prices vary from hour to hour and from day to day, so there is no single answer . If you are buying on a different date there is no guarantee that the prices will look anything like those you see above. (ORCC only started the scheme in November and already they've seen prices ranging from 43.9p to 70p per litre!). But what can be said is that whatever the average price on the day you order, you will do better as part of the ORCC buying scheme than you would do on your own – on average, saving about £50 on 1,000 litres.

With a household membership fee of only £20, you can’t lose. And you can order as many times as you want during the year. So come and join us – remember, you benefit, ORCC benefits, the environment benefits. What’s not to like about that?

Annual Memberships fees:

Individual - £20
Community organisations - £30
Business - £100

If you would like to join the scheme look at the ORCC website for a membership form, or if you know who your local co-ordinator is, just get in touch with them.
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