Thursday, 16 December 2010

Grow Zones - Getting Your Community Growing

Grow Zones is a community project bringing help and inspiration to your garden, wonderful food to your table and adding friendship and purpose to your life.

Grow Zones teams club together to share skills, tools and produce to eliminate food miles. A team of households come together and take turns to visit one another’s gardens for a morning, carry out tasks that the household has planned, and finish with a shared lunch. Over an eight week period participants can expect to visit four households.

Community - For church and community groups wanting to nurture local community Grow Zones is an excellent opportunity to do something together and learn from one another.

Mission - For churches looking for ways to deepen their mission and community presence Grow Zones provides an exciting way to engage with your wider neighbourhood.

Environment - For groups wanting to raise wider environmental issues Grow Zones is a great way to bring people together and connect them to environmental issues in new ways.

Each Grow Zone team is setup by a local facilitator, who is resourced by the Grow Zones Kit, which provides all that is needed to get a team growing. The kit details a tested process that encourages reflective practice, introduces permaculture, provides the resources and the structure to organise the garden designs and the diary of visits, and registers the team with insurance cover to give everyone peace of mind during the group visits.

For more information, and to start a team, visit

“Amazingly, in less than 3 hours, the garden was transformed”

“I just love Grow Zones. It provides enjoyment and a sense of achievement and hospitality. It’s been great fun and, for us, has been a source of encouragement and learning”

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