Friday, 22 October 2010


Ever wanted to know how to put your interest in the environment together with your Christian faith, but did not know where to start? The distance learning course Christian Rural & Environmental Studies (CRES) offers a two year course that will help you understand more about these issues and how they relate. The CRES Certificate course looks at rural and environmental issues from a Christian viewpoint. There are no entry qualifications.

Under the guidance of local tutors, participants on the Certificate are led through six modules out of nine from: The Living World; Rural and Environmental Theology, Farming and Food; Christians as Salt and Light; Globalisation and Faith; The Physical Environment; The Biological Environment; Rural Communities; and The Church in the Countryside. Students write study papers and a work diary, one per module. In the final year of the course, students work on a project, the topic being chosen in consultation with the tutors.

There are four meetings a year where participants are able to meet tutors and others on the course.

For further information about the CRES courses, please visit and contact: Lynda McKeown

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