Friday, 10 September 2010


An exciting opportunity for rural parishes and benefices to come together to plan an evangelism event within their communities.
It is best if you come as a benefice/parish group so that it is a collabortaive event not just clergy led.

Saturday November 13th ,  9.30 - 3
Saturday January 29th 2011,   9.30 - 1
Saturday May 7th 2011,   9.30 - 1

East and Botolph Claydon Village Hall
65, Botyl Road, East Claydon, Buckingham MK18 2LP

First Saturday: parish/benefice groups learn how to develop an event with a mission focus locally.
Second Saturday:  groups return having planned their event to fine tune what is being planned.
Between the second and third Saturdyas you hold your local event.
Third Saturday; come back after the evangelism event  has taken place and  reflect and learn from the experience.

 The evangelism event which you plan will be one which is rooted in your own particular rural context. There is no blueprint. The event could be held in a single parish or across a Benefice, once or more. 
Resources to browse and buy
The training is free
Please bring your own packed lunch to the first day.


Facilitators:Wendy Bull and the Revd David Picken (from  the Diocesan Evangelism enabling Team).     Consultant: Glyn Evans Diocesan Rural Officer

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