Thursday, 15 July 2010


Farm Crisis Network is a Christian charity which provides emotional and practical support to people in the farming community.

 FCN is developing its database of supporting churches and individuals. If you would like to be part of the supporting network then please contact FCN, Manor Farm, West Haddon, Northampton NN6 7AQ 

 It costs about £1000 a day to maintain the work of FCN across England Wales and Northern Ireland, and last year, because of the economic downturn there was a large deficit in the account.

Over 3,000 families were helped directly last year by FCN's team of volunteers and paid staff.  There are volunteers in the three counties of the Diocese of Oxford available and working with people who call for help.

FCN also raises issues about farming and last year produced an influential report called Stress and Loss charting the effect of TB on farming families.

If you are planning your Harvest Festival and would like some Christian resources focusing on farming  needs then FCN can send you a Harvest pack including a CD of Powerpoint  images. Last year many churches used this pack to good effect. This year the pack is being renewed and updated.  The material can also be used for the other Agricultural Festivals in the year   .Speakers for Harvest Festivals can also be provided given sufficient notice. 

Contact: FCN, Manor Farm, West Haddon, Northampton NN6 7AQ  or email or phone 01788 510866

FCN HELPLINE 0845 367 9990
available 7am to 11pm daily

posted July 15th 2010
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