Monday, 8 February 2010

Multi-Church Ministry

a workshop on how to make it better
20 – 21 April 2010

Are you faced with an increasing number of churches to care for, or are you puzzled about how to make sense of the number you have already?

Whether you have a loose cluster, a parish with several churches, a benefice with several parishes or a team ministry this workshop will be helpful to you.

You will find – as over 400 clergy have already found – that this 30 hour workshop is a real help, even a liberation. You will be working with no more than 15 others in an intensive process which is based on the principle that we all have experiences to share and something to learn. There is a mixture of small group work and plenary sessions, with input from the workshop leader and lots of time to have particular needs identified and met.

There are seven 90 minute sessions during the time, together with worship, sleep and good food at the comfortable Worth Abbey, Crawley, West Sussex.

The sessions include the theory and practice of multi-church ministry, dynamics within a multi-church setting, the implications of collaborative ministry for the mission of the Church, managing pressures, and sharing and discovering solutions.

The Workshop is facilitated by Jeremy Martineau and run via the office of the National Rural Officer at the Arthur Rank Centre, the churches national rural resources unit in Warwickshire.

Your diocese may be able to help with the fee which is £125.

To obtain further details or register for this workshop contact:

Jan Beckenham, c/o The Rectory, Newnham Lane, Eastling, Kent ME13 0AS Tel 01795 890487

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