Wednesday, 10 February 2010

FCN is a Christian voluntary organisation which provides support to people in the farming community who may be experiencing stress in their family life and or their work.  A Helpline is available from 7am to 11am daily
0845 367 9990

FCN has also produced a leaflet to help Christians understand some of the issues facing farming in this country. encouraging people to buy fair trade goods from developing countries whilst at the same time ensuring that people understand and appreciate the value of British farming 

Of every £1 of food purchased only 7.5p goes to the farmer,
compared with 50p fifty years ago.

Dairy farmers are going out of business faster than ever before beause the price paid to them for the milk their produce is below the cost of producing the milk.

Planning a Fairtrade meal for Fairtrade fortnight when you will be using Fairtrade products?
Why not also ensure that the milk you use in your coffee and tea, clearly marked as coming from British farmers  and from outlets where a fair price is paid to the producer or better still direct from a local farmer.

FCN has a leaflet called Why FairTrade Begins at Home
 For copies contact FCN

-----------posted February 10th 2010---------
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