Wednesday, 21 October 2009



TOE has been distributing Landfill tax credits in Oxfordshire since 1998, and during that time we have made over £5 million available to around 450 community and environmental projects across the county. Time moves on and things change, and for a variety of reasons TOE will no longer be distributing funds through the Landfill Communities Fund and is looking at winding up by the spring of 2011.

However, we would like to reassure all those organisations to which we have already committed funds; we will of course be making the funds available as specified in the offer letter. We would also like to stress that we will be accepting applications for our November meeting (deadline mid-October) and our February 2010 meeting (deadline 6th January 2010), although we will only be in a position to fund projects which already have their match funding in place and which can complete before 31 March 2011.

In the future, landfill tax credits will still be available in Oxfordshire. Community and environmental projects will still be able to access funding through the following organisations:

The Sita Trust –

For further information about the future of TOE and the Landfill Communities Fund please contact Fiona Danks phone 01865 883488 (Wednesdays and Thursdays).

posted October 21st 2009
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